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  1 Work and My Glory
  2 Thou Wast Chosen
  3 The Creation
  4 My Eyes are Opened
  5 If Thou doest Well
  6 Preparing the Ark
  7 Covenant of Abraham
  8 Living Righteiously
  9 God provides a Lamb
 10 Covenant in Marriage
 11 This Great Wickedness
 12 Land of my Affliction
 13 Passover and Exodus
 14 A Treasure unto Me
 15 Look to God and Live
 16 The Word of the Lord
 17 Lest Thou Forget
 18 Be of Good Courage
 19 Reign of the Judges
 20 A Virtuous Woman
 21 Those Who Honor Him
 22 Looking at the Heart
 23 Between Me and Thee
 24 Create a Clean Heart
 25  Praise the Lord
 26 King Solomon
 27 Influence of Leaders
 28 Still Small Voice
 29 The Mantle of Elijah
 30 House of the Lord
 31 Happy is the Man
 32 My Redeemer Liveth
 33 Sharing the Gospel
 34 I Will Betouth Thee
 35 Secrets to his Prophets
 36 The Glory of Zion
 37 Wonderful Things
 38 Is There No Saviour
 39 Upon the Mountains
 40 Enlarge Thy Tent
 41 Making an Iron Pillar
 42 I write in the heart
 43 Shepherds of Israel
 44 Every Thing Shall Live
 45 If I Perish, I Perish
 46 Redemption of Zion
 47 Rise Up and Build
 48 The Day of the Lord
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